Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Presidential Candidates: Hofstra University

Binders full of women, Swiss bank accounts full of cash: Douchebag Romney Meme
Douchebag Romney Meme
Talk about a slow turn around on my part, sorry for the inconvenience. A week passes and the last of the presidential debates just aired last night and I have yet to post about last week's.

As I watched last week's debate, mind you it was right smack dab in the middle of the whole political show, so I was a bit on the confused side. The question that I understood the best was raised by a young woman who asked the candidates what they will do to raise the glass ceiling for women during their terms when and if elected. Of course being a woman and donning my "Marxist feminist dialect brings all the boys to the yard" t-shirt, (Totally kidding, or am I?), my ears perk up to this question because a lady question was bound to happen..

President Obama said things like how he understands that women face unfair issues and he has seen the struggle himself because his mother was a single parent. He also brought the attention to the first bill he signed into law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Governor Romney said he went through a binder full of women to select members of his cabinet. Unfortunately, that's all I can recall from his answer because the Internet is a hilarious place and they totally made fun of Romney. More on Internet reactions to come.

Other obvious touch topics...immigrant issues, oil, jobs, and China. Interesting cases for both, as I have to admit, I have not done my full research as to what these men's intentions entail, my worry is not that great considering that many people don't vote anyway, which to me is slightly ludicrous. I mean at least partake in some loop. The more you know right?

 Romney on immigration: Welcome legal immigrants in the country. Give green cards to people who have graduated with useful education like math science etc. Do not grant amnesty to people who come here illegally. Won't give driver's licenses to those who come here illegally. Children of illegally immigrated people should have some sort of pathway towards legal immigration. And self deportation, whatever that means, I'll get back to you on that.

Obama on immigration: Talent from all around the world come here, please.  We need to fix the broken immigration system by streamlining illegal immigration, making it easier for people who were obeying the law and waiting in line to become legal. We need to deal with the boarder: boarder patrol. Go after people who are ruining the community like "gang bangers."

Romney: Wants to help entrepreneurs, label China as cheats ("currency manipulators"), we're all the children of GOD and that he's a man of God (oh hey separation between church and state), says Obama just made the deficit worse.

Obama: Says Romney was a total pioneer for moving business to China, believes that empowerment belongs to the next generation, middle class needs a relief, 100% about the youth.

 Are we tired about hearing these..."Well what I did during my four years" or the "see what this guy did wrong and what I'll do right..."? Possibly. But the internet is a sensational place to make fun of everybody and have all these unbacked opinions, it's beautiful. Social media networks were just buzzing with great back and forth content.

Yahoo! Political reporter Chris Moody

Various Twitter reactions

I'm glad that this is my first voting year and I'm coming from the generation of the "meme." For those of you not into my hip snazzy lingo; a meme is most simply, that funny shit you see all up on the Internet. For example:
                                          Douchebag Romney Meme

                                          Menacing Josh Romney Meme

Things I hope will help and things that are just funny:

For those of you who missed last night's debate like me:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Coasting Through: What am I DOING?

So I seriously feel like saying what Leeloo says, but in total repetition as if it's a mantra. I've done messed up...I dug myself in a hole. Lucky for me this metaphorical hole isn't all that deep, but for those of you who don't know me, I over think everything. Admittedly I haven't done a thing... not just for this particular class which I should be over the moon for, constantly updating and trekking about for info. It's most of my school work and even life. I'm in a personal funk like everything is calling my name and I have so many choices to make but all I end up doing is putting my fingers in my ears and muttering "nananana can't hear you world" like a little kid. I'm sorry to you my peers, readers, authority figures, and sorry to myself for not keeping up with my game.

Monday, October 1, 2012

An Introduction

 Why hello there! This is quite the quaint little rendezvous. It has been a good long while since I have had the pleasure of an inaugurate post.  What to do? What to do? (Long pause and a stroke of the chin indicating deep thought).

Again greetings, I am Elle! The last time I did any sort of blogging was back in the early 2000s when I was a spry tween over on the Asian-tastic Xanga.com. Layouts, basic workings of HTML, comments, choosing the right welcome music, constant updates in paragraph form (not 100 characters or less! Scoff!), and page view counters were the ruling obsession back then. Many years later it seems to be the same thing sans the working knowledge of creating your own layout via HTML. All of us are more obsessed with how many comments, followers, likes, what have you. Guess all this blogging is here to stay and I'm back, hopefully with a more serious intent.

But anyway...

I have had a burning want of setting up a new blog and an elective class has finally given me the initiative/push I needed to get rolling.
Yes!! It's a class about blogging and extra yess!! New media tech!!Diving into what's expected, being the one man (one woman) show, cranking out cajoling content. Huzzah, a useful and modern class for me, a young reporter/aspiring journalist. Aside from personal commentary I am hoping this here blog and class will help me be more acquainted with multimedia reporting. Pictures, video packages, reports, my rants, micellaneous geek entertainment news, food reviews, maybe even documenting my adventures in the kitchen (food porn seems like the popular nomenclature) expect these things from me! YES!! It's the first night of class and I am excited to get going. I interviewed my first person and he'll be featured in a post real soon, so sit tight. Also, expect some coverage from the Eagle Rock Music Festival, at the very least some pictures of the crowd, DJs, and bands.